Don’t make these mistakes after an accident!

Being involved in an accident, whether a car, motorcycle, or truck accident, can be very difficult to process. Statistics show two glaring facts. First, car accidents result in over 2 million injuries every year in the US. Second, almost 40% of people will develop PTSD because of a motor vehicle accident. A crash can be shocking, not just because of physical injuries but emotional ones too. After a crash accident, you can be faced with a swath of possibilities. If you’re seriously injured you might be transported to a hospital. Even if it’s a minor crash you can still be disoriented and dealing with the aftermath. 

As experienced personal injury lawyers, we have seen firsthand how accidents can affect our clients. We have also seen how some folks might make some big mistakes after an accident. In this blog post, we’ll break down some big mistakes to avoid. If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident and needs experienced legal representation then click below.

See a Doctor

Even for small accidents you should try and consult a doctor. A car accident can cause some unforeseen injuries and even some injuries that might not show until some time has passed, like PTSD. Untreated injuries can also worsen. A doctor can help examine your injuries and see what treatments might be necessary. It’s also important to see a doctor to have physical proof that you saw a medical professional and how much your settlement might need to be to cover losses.

File a Report

Calling officials to the scene of an accident is an important step that many people don’t do. Even if it is a small crash, calling the police to the scene is something you should do. Police can help if there are serious injuries and they can document the facts of the case. This is useful when hiring an attorney because they can use the facts submitted by the officers to maximize your settlement.

Don’t Take The First Deal

Folks pay for insurance for a simple reason, to use it in case of an accident! After an accident, your insurance might offer you an initial settlement. You should consider taking this settlement but remember that with the help of an attorney you can potentially maximize your settlement. 

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