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All 50 states and Washington, DC have DUI laws in place to address intoxication behind the wheel. This of course includes Alabama. A DUI conviction can be a misdemeanor or felony and the consequences for a conviction can include fines, jail time, and more.

Drivers arrested or charged with a DUI can face steep consequences but depending on the circumstances proper representation can alleviate some of these consequences.

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What is a DUI?

Types of DUIs in Alabama

Under Alabama law DUI criminality is triggered if a person is caught driving with a BAC of .08% or more. A police officer can also arrest someone based on the appearance or act of being impared or while under the influence of drugs, alcohol and/or any substance that impairs to such a level that the driver is in harm’s way. Something important to note, like some other states, Alabama has a DUI code which allows a DUI arrest for not actually driving while intoxicated. 

The main way that law enforcement determines sobriety or intoxication while driving is by conducting a field test. This can be a breath alcohol test or a few other methods. Some drivers refuse to take this test. 

Refusing to take a field sobriety test will result in a mandatory 90-day suspension of your driver’s license.

DUI offenses in Alabama are divided by the amount of previous convictions a driver has or has had. 

In Alabama the first DUI is a misdemeanor. This means a fine ranging from $600 to $2,100, jail-time of up to 1 year, mandatory treatment, and a possible suspended license for up to 90 days. 

The second and third DUI charges are also misdemeanors but with heavier penalties. Jail time can be up to one year with a minimum of 5 days in jail. Fines increase to a range between $1,100 and $5,100 for second time charges. For third time charges fines can increase to more than $10,000. Four or more DUI charges are tried as felonies.

Common DUI questions

Does a DUI go on your record?

is a dUI a felony?

Do you lose your license?

Unless you are tried as a juvenile or in juvenile court then DUI records remain on your record for life. However, if a DUI charge happened 5 or more years prior than a second offense, then that second offense is tried a first-time DUI charge.

A DUI in Alabama is a felony after the 4th infraction. As in most states though a DUI can be charged a felony if some serious crimes were committed while driving under the influence.

Not all DUI charges require a license suspension. If you were charged with a first time DUI and had a BAC of less than .15%, no passenger under the age of 14, and were not involved in an injury-inducing accident, then you can forgo the suspension by agreeing to have an ignition interlock device or IID placed in your car. You must use this device for 6-months in order to have your license fully restored.

A second time DUI requires an IID usage for 2 years.

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