We provide a wide variety of services relating to probate law, including estate planning, will drafting, trust instrument drafting, power of attorney, estate administration, advance directives, beneficiary representation, non-probate transfers, and business organization. 

Wills & Probate

When people think of estate planning, they typically think of a will. However, there are many available methods of effecting the intent of a client with regards to what happens to his property and minor children after he is gone.

Possibly the most important reason to consider a Last Will & Testament in Alabama is to determine who gains custody of a minor child in the event both parents are deceased.  The death of both parents can be traumatic enough, without a custody battle between surviving relatives.  A carefully drafted Last Will & Testament can resolve these issues, with the hope they never arise, but with the comfort of knowing the children are taken care of in a worst case scenario.

Advance Directives & Health Care Proxies

Another important area of practice is in advance directives and health care proxies, which enable a person to make difficult medical decisions, such as whether to remove life support, in advance. While ensuring the client’s wishes are carried out, this also relieves loved ones of difficult decisions in trying times.