Whether you’ve experienced a health emergency that required expensive medical treatment, your business failed, or you were unable to pay back loans, you may need to consider declaring bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy can help you start over, free from your debt.

Although many fear the term, declaring bankruptcy can help you start over, free from your debt. 

Filing for bankruptcy will stop repossessions, foreclosures, harassing phone calls, wage garnishments and lawsuits. The team at LaPlante, Merritt, Faulkner, Wilson & Clay, LLC will help you navigate the decision of which type of Bankruptcy, if any, is right for your unique financial situation. Our goal is to make sure you understand if Bankruptcy can improve your situation. 

Types of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Exemptions in Alabama

After you file chapter 7 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy court and a case trustee will take over temporary control of your possessions.

However, bankruptcy law in Calhoun County, Alabama, allows for several asset exceptions. The court determines these exemptions by looking at the amount of equity you have in your home, trade tools, insurance, and pension (among other categories). If you qualify, the lenders cannot force the sale of your exempted assets.

An experienced lawyer can ensure that all your exempted assets are protected from lenders. Without legal advice, you may miscalculate your equity and lose an asset that is rightfully yours.

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