Truck Accident Attorneys

In 2021, the Alabama Highway Safety Report stated that there were almost 10,000 accidents reported which involved trucks. Sadly, over 100 individuals lost their lives in these accidents. 

Trucks are present in almost all Alabama roads but they are of course more prevalent in highways and large thoroughfares. The Alabama Highway Safety Reports calculates that “The Alabama Interstate System represents only 1% of the state’s total mileage, but carries 25% of the traffic volume and is responsible for 11% of fatalities.” Simply put, this means truckers are at higher risk of being around or involved in an accident. Those involved in trucking accidents should rely on an experienced approach and trustworthy legal representation.

Our firm has represented many individuals in car, motorcycle, and trucking accident cases. We proudly serve northeast Alabama, including Calhoun, Clay, Etowah, Talladega, and Cleburne Counties.

Common Causes of Truck Accidents in Alabama

There are many ways an accident can occur or arise, these are just some of the more common causes:

  • Improper Loading: Loading a truck properly is something most people do not consider in their everyday lives. Still, to those driving trucks for a living, they know how important it is. Weight, Height, Balance, and other aspects of the load must be strictly adhered to. If not, a disaster could occur on the road. 
  • Poor Training: Accidents are not strictly the fault of a driver. Trucks are multi-ton machines that are much larger than the average car. A typical license doesn’t cut it. Special training is involved in learning to drive a truck. If a driver is not trained properly, if they are new to driving, or if they were pushed by their companies, they may not be at fault for certain accidents. 
  • Distracted Drivers: This is the number one cause of accidents on the road. There is no way to avoid a distracted driver causing an accident, especially when maneuvering an 18-wheeler.

Why work with our firm?

If you are involved in a truck accident anywhere in Alabama, our firm can help maximize your claim and fight for what’s justly deserved. We have a team of experienced attorneys who are ready to invest significant time in investigating your claim. We search for valuable evidence and develop an adequate timeline based on your situation. We customize our approach for each individual client while using our experience with the law to build a strong case. We won’t leave you in the dark and we’ll involve you at every step of the way. 

Retaining the correct legal representation is crucial to winning your case. Without an experienced team at your side, you risk reducing your chances at a just outcome. Obtaining a fair settlement is our goal. We negotiate aggressively with insurance companies and litigate if necessary. We will not compromise our clients’ rights.